As a seed supplier with Nayesha, you can have the opportunity to get a fair price for the seeds and eliminate the need for middlemen.

Becoming a mustard seed supplier for Nayesha Mills can be a rewarding and profitable venture. Whether you're an experienced farmer or a trader looking to expand your business, Nayesha Oil Mills can help you get started. We provide valuable information on how to grow, harvest, and store mustard seeds, as well as tips for marketing and selling your product.

We understand that every seed supplier has unique needs and challenges, which is why we offer personalized support and guidance throughout the process. With our expertise and resources, you can launch and grow your seed supply business and make a positive impact on the agricultural community


Why You Should Become a Seed Supplied at Nayesha Oil Mills?

Benefits of becoming a seed supplier to Nayesha Oil Mills means having access to a steady market, more sales and income, quality control and testing, prompt payments, and technical support. Partnering with Nayesha Oil Mills can be an amazing way to reach your goals if you want to grow your seed supply company and increase your profits.

  • Access to a Reliable Market: By partnering with Nayesha Oil Mills, you can have access to a reliable market for your products. We have a wide network of distributors and customers, which can help you sell your seeds quickly and easily.
  • Sales and revenue growth: You can benefit from the company's market reputation and brand recognition as a seed supplier to Nayesha Oil Mills. By doing this, you can draw in more clients and increase your revenue and sales.
  • Timely Payments: On-time payments from customers are one of the major problems that seed suppliers have. When you work with Nayesha Oil Mills, you can be confident that you will get paid on time for your items because the business has a reputation for paying its suppliers quickly and fairly.
  • Technical Support: The team of specialists at Nayesha Oil Mills can offer technical assistance and advice on all aspects of seed production, including planting, harvesting, storing, and packaging. As a seed seller, you can take advantage of this knowledge to raise the caliber and output of your crops.

Mustard Seed Packaging Guidelines
for Farmers, Traders & Brokers

  • Seed grading: Nayesha Oil Mills will not purchase non-graded seeds.
  • Packaging: Use PP bags for packing mustard seeds and the weight of each bag should be 50 KG. Nayesha oil mills will provide PP bags for packing of mustard seed. No separate charge will be paid for baardana. Weight of packaging material will be deducted from the actual weight of the seeds.
  • Seed Cleaning: Make sure that the mustard seeds are free from any foreign material such as dust, soil, stones, and insects. Accepted limit for foreign material is upto 0.20%
  • Adulteration: Check for any signs of adulteration such as the presence of other seeds or materials mixed with mustard seeds. If adulteration is found even in a single bag, then the entire stock will be returned, and the transport cost will be borne by the supplier.
  • Sample Testing by supplier: Seed samples should be collected from all the bags and lab testing must be done for moisture content & oil content from the mandi lab by the supplier. Nayesha Oil Mills will also conduct sample testing at its own laboratory on arrival of the shipment at its premises. In case of any dispute, the lab report of Nayesha Oil mills will be bounding.
  • Moisture Content: The moisture content of mustard seeds should be less than 8%.
  • Oil Content: The oil content should be at least 35%.
  • Weight: The supplier will do the weight of its shipment at a weighing bridge before sending the shipment to Nayesha Oil mills and will send the report along with the shipment. On arrival of the shipment, Nayesha oil mills will do the weight of the shipment at its own weighing bridge and if there’s a dispute on weight of the shipment then the report of Nayesha oil mill’s weighing bridge will be bounding.
  • Inspection and Shipment: Once the shipment arrives at the factory premises, we will conduct an inspection of the mustard seeds, collect samples from each bag & do lab testing before providing the acceptance of delivery. If the quality meets our expectations, then only the shipment will accept or else it will be returned. In case the shipment is returned due to quality issues then the supplier will bear the transport cost.
  • Transport: Nayesha oil mills will either provide transport or will bear the cost of transport. In cases any shipment is returned due to any dispute or quality issues then the supplier will bear the cost of transport.
  • Invoicing: As soon as the purchasing is done, a proforma invoice should be submitted mentioning all the charges. Actual GST invoice will be submitted with the delivery of seeds. Farmers aren’t required to submit the invoice.
  • Payment: payment made will be as per the agreed terms with the vendor.

Become a Seed Supplier

oil_drop Charge disclosure:

The trader will disclose the Dhami, Aadat, Loading & unloading, association, union charges in the invoices before sending the shipment to the factory.


oil_drop Terms of procurement:

All traders are required to have a formal procurement agreement with the firm mentioning all charges, cash discounts, and payment terms.

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What is the cost of private label packaging for Mustard Oil?

The cost of private label packaging for Mustard Oil can vary depending on factors such as the quantity of Mustard Oil, the type of packaging material, label design, and the private label packer's pricing structure. Generally, private label packers offer competitive pricing and can work with businesses to create custom packaging solutions tailored to their specific needs. To determine the cost of private label packaging for Mustard Oil, it's best to reach out to a few private label packer Mustard Oil and get quotes based on your requirements.

What are the benefits of private label packaging for Mustard Oil?

Nayesha Oil Mills edible oil distributorship starts from Rs 5 lakh (mandatory) onwards. If you have a higher budget, you can spend more to stock more products.

How to choose the right private label packaging partner for Mustard Oil?

Nayesha Oil Mills Kachi Ghani mustard oil distributorship is one of the most profitable businesses in the oil sector. The profit margin is kept competitive as per industry standards.

How to create an effective private label packaging strategy for Mustard Oil?

Wherever you are in India, you can easily become a distributor of Nayesha Oil Mills Kachi Ghani mustard oil by searching the mustard oil distributorships near me.