Privacy Policy

At Nayesha, we are committed to protecting your privacy especially their rights regarding the automatic processing of personal data. We have implemented a privacy policy to maintain complete transparency with our customers regarding the processing of the personal data collected automatically or by them, its purpose(s) of collection, and how we use the data.

Information Collection and Use
When you visit the website, the site automatically collects certain information about your computing device, such as information about your web browser, mobile device, pages you visit, information on how you interact on the site, IP address, time zone, and some cookies to make your experience better and to provide you with our services.

Nayesha also collects personal data that may include your name, email address, telephone number, and address by several means, including when visitors post a comment, fill the contact form, fill the shopping details, or provide information on the website in any form.

This data that we collect from time to time is recorded in an electronic register and is used for several purposes such as contacting you, maintaining a (commercial) relationship with you, shipping your orders, etc.

The website uses cookies to provide better user experience to the visitors of the site. Cookies” are data files that are placed on your device and include an anonymous unique identifier. These cookies help us collect data such as timestamps, browser information, internet service provider, etc. Cookies are generally used to retain information about user preferences, and storing information for applications like Google Analytics. The information is stored to make your browsing experience better and understanding how the website can be made better.

You may disable cookies on the site if you don’t wish to share this information. You should note that without enabling cookies on the site, the site may not function properly.

Data Protection
Any personal information collected on this website is only used to allow you to shop or browse the store and for the purpose of providing you with options such as the newsletters, offers, or social media. We do not sell or share email addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information, whether collected on this Site, by phone, or by any other means.

Data Retention
Nayesha reserves the right to retain the data for the time it deem necessary. It is generally retained for the time determined by the laws.

Nayesha makes every attempt to secure any personal information provided by the users. We ensure that your data is encrypted when it is transmitted for purposes such as making payment and others. Except for third parties that are associated with us, we don’t share or sell your personal data for any purpose other than those mentioned on the site.

Legal Obligation
In the cases where the authorities require the personal data in connection with any infringement of any law or regulation, they will be provided with the required data after receiving a reasoned request by the authorities. In case of infringement, the personal data do not fall under the provisions of protection mentioned in this privacy policy.

Third Party
By using this website you agree to provide your consent to allow third parties to collect information such as your IP address, browser information, etc., to process your order request.

Changes to this Policy
Nayesha reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason without giving any prior notice.

Contact Us
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