Cooking With Peanut Oil – Start Your Day with These 5 Tasty Breakfast Ideas

Cooking With Peanut Oil Start Your Day with These 5 Tasty Breakfast Ideas

When it comes to breakfast, many of us are almost out of ideas and relish bread, butter, jams, toast and eggs. However, if you are a true breakfast devotee, and want to explore more options and start your day with lip-smacking dishes such as poha, chana and others then this article is for you. As we try to delve into the top breakfast recipes you can have using peanut or groundnut oil. But before that, it is essential to highlight the importance of cooking with peanut oil.

Why Use Groundnut Oil For Cooking?

Peanut or groundnut oil contains phytosterols, and vitamin E, which is a vital antioxidant that protects against chronic diseases. Its healthy fat content is heart-friendly and can be a great addition to your diet. The most significant aspect is the lubrication that this oil provides to the joints via good cholesterol consumed through food, as refined oil omits the benefits of good cholesterol.

And without good cholesterol intake, our joints will not be able to support us at the later stage of life. Moreover, as cooking with groundnut oil offers good cholesterol, it automatically improves heart health as saturated fats are replaced by unsaturated fats, which eventually lowers the risk of heart disease. Vitamin E guards the heart against the free radicals in the body. Peanut oil also effectively manages blood sugar levels and helps improve insulin secretion.

What are the nutritional values of groundnut oil?

  • One tablespoon of groundnut oil contains:
  • Calories: 119
  • Fat: 14 gm
  • Saturated Fat: 2 gm
  • Vitamin E: 11% of the RDI (recommended daily intake)
  • Phytosterols: 27.9 mg

What are the different types of peanut oil?

There are several types of peanut oil, such as refined peanut oil, gourmet peanut oil, cold-pressed peanut oil, and peanut oil blends. Each one of them is processed using a different technique.

Cooking with Peanut Oil – Best Five Dishes

After learning the benefits, let’s quickly take a look at delicious recipes we can make using peanut oil.

Mixed Sprouts Poha

Mixed Sprouts Poha recipes

Poha, the flattened rice, is a well-known traditional delicacy in the Indian sub-continent and is usually consumed for breakfast. The poha is used to prepare quick snacks or easy digestible fast food in a variety of Indian cuisines styles. Opting for groundnut oil for cooking poha can be the best idea. The poha with mixed sprouts, onions and spices is one of the nutritious dishes consumed in the morning, making you strong enough to perform different tasks throughout the day. Sprouts are rich in enzymes which help in digestion.

Paneer Veggie Wrap

Paneer Veggie Wrap recipes

Paneer is one of the most desirable foods in Indian cookery. Paneer veggie wrap can be made using whole wheat chapatis, nutritious vegetables, low-fat paneer, spices and groundnut oil. It is quick to make and is pleasing to the tastebuds. This paneer veggie wrap contains essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and fibre that can be a healthy choice for many.

Chana Dal Pancakes

Chana Dal Pancakes recipes

Cooking with peanut oil becomes further interesting for people who love dal or pulses. Chana Dal Pancakes can be the perfect recipe for those who want a healthy combination of proteins and vitamins. It is made by soaking chana dal and mixing it with vegetables, while curd can be used to enhance the taste. And for diabetics, chana dal is a godsend as it helps in managing sugar levels due to its low glycaemic index.

Mutton Dalcha

Mutton Dalcha recipes

If you want to take the wholesome benefit of cooking with peanut oil, then there is never a better option than having a dish filled with protein up to the gills. Mutton Dalcha is yet another popular delicacy made using mutton, mutton fat and dal, and often mixed with bottle gourd (lauki) and spices to add some taste.

Several other ingredients, from garlic to green chillies, curry leaves and tamarind, can be added to this recipe to get an eccentric flavour - while cooking in groundnut oil makes it more unique.

Fish Curry

fish curry recipes

Lip-smacking fish curry made using groundnut oil, coconut, and tamarind, and served with rice is a perfect way to start your day. Cooking with peanut oil, aromatic spices, coriander leaves, ginger, and marinated fish is the ideal package of goodness for breakfast. This Bengali dish can also be served with chapati - it’s an amazing appetiser.

Cooking with groundnut oil gives you a nice balance of vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds, offering a good flavour along with healthy touch. And as more and more celebrities, nutritionists and dieticians are vouching for its significant benefits, groundnut oil seems to be punching above its weight.

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Hope, we have provided you with good information on cooking with peanut oil. You have now a clear idea of its health benefits. At Nayesha, you get highly nutritious peanut oil which is free from any harmful free radicals and lets you start a healthy diet regime. To buy or to get more information on groundnut oil visit our website.

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