What You Need to Know About Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

what you need to know about cold pressed groundnut oil

In the search for a healthier lifestyle, people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they consume. One ingredient that has gained popularity in recent years is cold pressed groundnut oil. If you are wondering what sets it apart and why it's becoming so popular among health-conscious people, you're in the right place. 

In this blog, we will explore pressed Groundnut oil benefits and why it should find a place in your kitchen. So let's get started.

What is Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil?

Let's start with the basics. Cold pressed groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, is made from peanuts using a low-heat technique. This method makes the oil healthier than traditional oils by preserving its inherent nutrients and flavour.

Nutritional Value

The amazing nutritional profile of cold-pressed groundnut oil is one of the key factors contributing to its increased popularity. It is high in monounsaturated fats, which lower bad cholesterol and are beneficial to the heart. Additionally, it contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that supports the overall well-being of the eyes and skin.

Here's a simple table outlining the nutritional value of cold pressed groundnut oil per 1 tablespoon (14 grams) serving:

Nutritional Value

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Benefits

Now that you know about the nutritional value of cold pressed groundnut oil benefits, time to discuss some of it offers:

1. Heart Health

Because cold pressed groundnut oil has a high monounsaturated fat content, it is a heart-healthy option. By raising levels of good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and lowering levels of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), these fats help lessen the risk of heart disease.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

This oil is loaded with antioxidants, particularly vitamin E. Antioxidants are necessary to stop cell damage, reduce the chance of developing chronic illnesses, and eliminate harmful free radicals from the body.

3. Supports Weight Loss

According to popular opinion, not all fats are bad for controlling weight. The beneficial fats in cold pressed groundnut oil can help in weight loss. They provide you with a feeling of fullness, which can help in maintaining a healthy diet and preventing overeating.

4. Enhances Skin Health

Cold pressed groundnut oil has a high vitamin E concentration, which is excellent for skin health. It preserves the flexibility of the skin, lessens ageing symptoms, and fosters a clear, glowing complexion. Using this oil topically helps relieve itchy and dry skin as well.

5. Boosts Immune System 

Cold pressed groundnut oil contains antioxidants that boost immunity and help the body in fighting off diseases and infections. A strong immune system is necessary for general health and energy.

How to Incorporate Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil into Your Diet

Now that you are aware of the many benefits, you might be wondering how to include cold-pressed groundnut oil into your everyday diet. The good news is that its high smoke point allows for many cooking methods, including baking, sautéing, and frying. A few of them are: 

  1. Stir-frying: The high smoke point of cold-pressed groundnut oil makes it ideal for stir-frying. Use it to make a tasty and healthful stir-fry dish by sautéing veggies, meat, or tofu. The natural flavour of the foods won't be overpowered by its mild flavour. 
  1. Salad Dressings: Mix cold-pressed groundnut oil, vinegar, citrus juice, herbs, and spices to create a tasty and nourishing salad dressing. Its nutty flavour gives your salads more depth and charm.
  1. Marinades: Use cold pressed groundnut oil as a base for marinades. Before grilling, roasting, or baking, its silky texture enhances the flavours by helping to coat proteins and vegetables evenly.
  1. Baking: In place of other fats like butter or vegetable oil, use cold-pressed groundnut oil in your baking recipes. It gives an accent of nutty flavour and moisture to cakes, muffins, and cookies.
  1. Roasting: Before putting meats or veggies in the oven, brush them with a little bit of cold-pressed groundnut oil. The oil helps in the caramelization process, which gives your food a deliciously rich and crunchy texture.


Incorporating cold pressed groundnut oil into your diet can be a game changer for your overall health. With its numerous benefits, including heart health, antioxidant properties, and support for weight loss, it's a wise choice for anyone looking to make healthier food choices.

Next time you're out shopping for cooking oil, consider making the switch to cold pressed groundnut oil. Your heart, skin, and overall well-being will thank you. 

If you are looking for cold pressed groundnut oil online, Nayesha Oil Mills has got you covered. We are known for delivering different types of cold pressed oil to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising your taste buds. Make this simple yet powerful change in your kitchen and experience the difference firsthand. Stay healthy, stay happy! 


Q1: What is cold pressed groundnut oil, and how is it different from regular peanut oil?

Answer: Cold pressed groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, is extracted from peanuts using a method that involves minimal heat, preserving its natural nutrients and flavour. Unlike regular peanut oil, which often undergoes refining processes involving high heat and chemicals, cold pressed groundnut oil is obtained through mechanical pressing, ensuring a healthier and more flavorful oil.

Q2: Is cold pressed groundnut oil suitable for high-heat cooking methods?

Answer: Yes, cold pressed groundnut oil has a high smoke point, making it suitable for high-heat cooking methods such as frying, sautéing, and baking. Its stability at high temperatures makes it a versatile choice for various culinary applications without compromising its nutritional benefits.

Q3: Can individuals with nut allergies consume cold pressed groundnut oil safely?

Answer: People with peanut allergies should avoid cold pressed groundnut oil, as it is derived from peanuts and may still contain traces of allergens. It's crucial to check product labels and consult with healthcare professionals if you have nut allergies to ensure your safety.

Q4: How should cold pressed groundnut oil be stored to maintain its freshness?

Answer: To maintain the freshness and quality of cold pressed groundnut oil, store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. It's best to keep it tightly sealed in its original container or a dark glass bottle.

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