Is wood pressed oil good for health?

The traditional values of cooking in India have always focussed on making use of the finest ingredients and the best cooking oil. For centuries before the introduction of modern refined oils, Indians preferred cooking their food in wood-pressed oils. These cooking oils were extracted through the process of pressing oil seeds with wooden pestles at slow speeds and lower temperatures.

These oils retained their goodness and freshness, which made them a popular choice in cooking delicious and healthy food, every day. But, over and above everything, Indian cooking is incomplete without the use of Mustard Oil. It is an element that is often inseparable from our cuisines. Just as much as we love our spices, we love our mustard oils as well. And with wood-pressed mustard oil, we have been enjoying the purest form of our favourite oil for cooking that we can find in the current world.

But why? Because Mustard oil, in itself, is a great choice for your overall health. It is good for our heart, our skin, our hair, our digestions, and our metabolism. When you bring the added advantage of the health benefits of wood pressed oils, you are adding a whole new level of wholesome goodness to your food. Here are some of the benefits of mustard oil that are enhanced by the use of wood pressed extraction techniques.

Health Benefits of Wood Pressed Oil

MUFA - Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Mustard oil is known to be a great source of MUFA, or monounsaturated fatty acids, which is an important nutrient for our body. We need to consume a 3:1 ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and saturated fatty acids. MUFA comes under PUFA, which makes the use of mustard oil essential in our daily lives.
The most important benefit of consuming wood-pressed mustard oil is that it is really good for our heart health as it lowers the level of bad cholesterol in our body. What this does is that it promotes good circulation in the body and keeps the fat levels in check.

Good For Skin

Mustard oil has a number of natural properties, including Vitamin E, which is why most Indian babies are given massages of mustard oil. Topical application of mustard oil can help one get rid of tan lines, dark spots, improve skin tone, cracked heels, and even brittle nails for great benefits.

Fights Infections

Mustard oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial in nature. It fights the growth of all harmful germs in and on our bodies, thus giving us an improved chance of fighting a horde of common issues in our lives, like cough and cold. As a consumer, you can not only get these benefits through the topical application but through internal use also as the use of Mustard Oil can also bring you relief from digestive tract infections.

Hair Growth

It is an age-old practice in our country to use mustard oil for scalp massage. Owing to the presence of beta-carotene in mustard oil, its use on the scalp is known to promote hair growth. How? Mustard oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp and its antibacterial properties prevent any infections or unwanted growth on the scalp. It is also a great remedy for those who face frequent hair fall.

Fights Inflammation

Traditionally, mustard oil was used as a massage oil to fight inflammation in the joints, especially for patients with arthritis, pneumonia, and bronchitis. The Omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid present in the mustard oil are known to relieve oxidative stress in the body, thus controlling the inflammation and regulating the inflammatory process.

High Smoke Point

The oil reaches its smoke point when the heat applied to it begins to break down the oil and fat to produce smoke. Because of breaking down, the fats can oxidize and produce highly toxic and reactive compounds called free radicals. However, wood pressed mustard oil has a high smoke point (250-degree Celsius), making it a great addition to the kitchen for cooking, especially Indian delicacies.

Mustard oil is known for its distinct nutty flavour and fresh fragrance, both of which are loved attributes in Indian cuisine. With cold pressing techniques and wooden pestle based extraction, Nayesha Mills’ Iriola Wood pressed mustard oil is completely natural and healthy cooking oil. Through the use of traditional methods and high quality, handpicked seeds, we produce a mindful cooking experience for everyone. Head to our online store and order fresh mustard oil for you and your family’s best health.

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