Is Cold-Pressed Oil Good for Cooking? Revealing the Unknown Benefits!

Cold-Pressed Oil Good for Cooking

It is always better to choose a nutritious oil that keeps you healthy and enhances the taste of your food. Using Cold-pressed sesame oil or other cold-pressed oil is the best option to boost your good health. These oils are extracted from oilseeds such as canola, sunflower, coconut, sesame seed, or olive, using a traditional wood-pressing method.

No heat is applied while extracting cold-pressed oil that retains the nutritional value of the oil. The wood pressing method requires crushing the seeds in a Wooden Ghani machine where pure and natural oil is extracted.

Surprisingly, many people are unaware of this fact and keep on wondering, “Can cold-pressed oils be used for cooking?” If you are sailing in the same boat, this blog is a must-read for you.

Why Are Cold-Pressed Oils Good for Cooking?

Cold-pressed oil is processed at lower temperatures. Therefore, it does not alter or change the significant properties of the oil. Cold-pressed oil retains all its flavour, nutritional value, along with its natural aroma, making it an ideal choice for cooking.

The organic cold-pressed oils are pure and contain no chemicals or additives. Also, it is advisable to avoid using high heat while cooking, as it will not only keep the natural properties of the oil intact but impart an amazing taste to your meal without altering the original flavour and aroma.

Cold-pressed oils are not limited to basic nutritional needs, but they have many additional health benefits. Cold-pressed oils can also enhance your skin, keep your hair healthy, and have anti-ageing effects.


Benefits Of Using Cold-Pressed Oil for Cooking

1. Retains Healthy Qualities

In the refined oil production process, high temperature is used. It eventually destroys Vitamin E and beta carotene present in the oil. However, cold-pressed cooking oils retain the nutritional values and healthy qualities of oilseeds. The naturally extracted oils contain Vitamin E, have anti-inflammatory and healing properties and have antioxidants that are good for health.

2. Boosts Immune System

Cold-pressed oils are a great source of boosting the immune system as they are a rich source of oleic acids. They also consist of natural antioxidants that help reduce cell damage in our bodies.

For instance, Standard cold-pressed oil obtained from matured and fresh kernels of coconut sans heating turns out to be a good source of boosting the immune system. The antioxidants present in cold-pressed oils prevent free radical damage.

3. Helps in Skin and Healthcare

As per skin experts, cold-pressed oils can also be used as a skin toner that purifies and nourishes the skin. They can also act as a hair mask and make a great solution to frizzy hair.

The cold-pressed sesame oil consists of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, capable of benefiting your joints, skin, hair, and more.



All this is just a glimpse of the numerous benefits of cold-pressed oils. The list isn’t limited to many other benefits that can help you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. At Nayesha Mills, we offer pure and natural cold-pressed cooking oils extracted through traditional extraction methods.

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