Unbelievable Benefits Of Wood Pressed Sesame Oil You Should Know

Do You Know How Beneficial Sesame Seeds are for Health?

If not, you are certainly missing out on so many things and let not being able to enjoy them. It forms a major ingredient in granola bars, muesli, and many other food items eaten to keep the health optimum. However, you cannot use sesame seeds in everything or apply them to your skin. That’s the reason why sesame oil is more prevalent. It not only forms a major cooking oil but also aids in other applications.

You can benefit a lot from the sesame oil, provided its extraction is done in the right way. In most factories, sesame oil is extracted from the seeds using the hot-pressed method. While the yield is high, the hot-pressed oil does not have any beneficial chemical compounds, from proteins to vitamins and minerals.

That’s why a lot of people prefer to use wood pressed sesame oil now. Since this is a traditional form of oil extraction and has numerous health benefits, we have discussed them in brief in the below section.

What is Wood Pressed Sesame Oil, and How is it Extracted?

The first thing that we need to discuss here is what exactly wood pressed sesame oil is. Until and unless this is discussed in detail, you won’t be able to understand the considerable differences it has with cold-pressed and hot-pressed oils. So, in earlier days, machines and other such systems were not present at the factories.

So people used to crush and grind the sesame seeds in wooden mortar and pestle. It usually has a large wooden dish and a central canal. In addition, there is a heavy pestle that is used for crushing and extracting oil from the seeds. Huge bags of dried sesame seeds were poured into the mortar bowl. Once done, the pestle was then driven with a hand to crush the seeds and grind them finely to extract the oil.

But since it is a labour-intensive process, nowadays, the pestle can be controlled automatically with a rotator motor. Therefore, there is no involvement of human labour other than cleaning the mortar bowl, collecting the oil from the main tank, or pouring the sesame seeds.

What Makes Wood Pressed Sesame Oil Different From Cold Pressed Sesame Oil?

Now, you would think that if the wood pressed sesame oil does not utilize any heat, what is the difference between it and the cold-pressed oil? Well, to understand this, let’s first discuss what cold-pressed oil is. During oil extraction, a lot of pressure is applied to crush and extract the liquid from the seeds. In most factories, heat is also applied along with pressure so that more oil can be extracted from a certain volume of sesame seeds.

But when we consider the cold-pressed extraction technique, no such heat is applied. Usually, the temperature inside the oil extraction is lower than the ambient one. That’s why the chemical properties are retained and cold-pressed oils are more beneficial than hot-pressed oils.

Wood pressing is a mere technique for cold-pressed oil extraction because, in this process also, heat is not applied to the mortar and pestle. Oil is extracted only under pressure, which is why the yield is pretty low when compared to hot-pressed oil. Since there are many other methods being used to extract oil from sesame seeds through the cold-pressed concept, you cannot find the same benefits of wood pressing in other cold-pressed sesame oils.

What Are The Benefits of Wood Pressed Sesame Oil?

Before you even buy the oil, don’t you think knowing about the benefits of sesame oil will be better?

Obviously, it would be, which is why we have discussed here some of the ways this oil is a much better option than other oils.

Better for Heart Health

One of the major benefits of having wood pressed sesame is the higher amount of monosaturated fatty acids. These compounds decrease the LDL levels in the blood while ensuring that good cholesterol or HDL can increase in concentration. This further reduces the chances of heart attack, strokes, and many other such cardiac diseases. If you have higher cholesterol in the blood, eating wood pressed sesame oil will be beneficial for your well-being.

Contains a Lot of Antioxidants

Another major benefit of wood pressed sesame oil is the presence of tons of antioxidants. These compounds are extremely important for the well-being of the tissues and cells since they prevent oxidative damage. So, whether it is the growth of cancerous mass or early ageing, you will be saved from a lot of problems caused due to the presence of higher oxidants in the blood. If you have wrinkles or sagging skin, the oil will be of great help.

Moisturizes the Skin

The wood pressed sesame oil acts like a natural humectant, which is why it can easily trap moisture content in your skin. If you have dry skin and the regular moisturizer is not working properly, you can easily use wood pressed oil. It will not only keep the skin hydrated but also lighten the skin tone, prevent infections like skin rashes and allergies, and so on.

Controls Diabetes Type 1

Sesame oil doesn’t have glucose in it, which is why consuming it won’t affect the health of any diabetic person. As a result, the oil is supposedly one of the best ingredients to be used to keep the glucose concentration under control and ensure you can stay safe and protected. If you are suffering from Diabetes Type II, the wood pressed oil will remove any blocks due to which your body fails to respond to the insulin hormone.

Easy to Digest

As the sesame oil is light, you won’t have to worry about not being able to digest the same properly. You can use it to cook a lot of food items and having that will be safer for your digestive health. Whether it is acidity or gastritis, sesame oil will provide you relaxation from different types of digestive problems.

Helps Fight Internal Inflammation

Finally, one of the major health benefits of sesame oil extracted through the wood pressed technique is its ability to fight off inflammations. For example, you can have the oil to deal with inflammatory pain in your body and that will be a great relief.

How to Use Wood Pressed Sesame Oil?

Even though we have discussed the major benefits of sesame oil extracted through the wood pressing technique, it is essential to discuss the applications. After all, if you are not aware of the ways to apply sesame oil, you won’t be able to enjoy its benefits. So, let’s have a quick look at some of the ways to use oil in day-to-day life.

  1. You can use wood pressed gingelly oil in cooking, like sautéing vegetables, making bread, frying meat and egg, and many more.
  2. Another way to use sesame oil is in making salad dressing as it is a great alternative to olive oil.
  3. You can apply it topically on your skin and hair to gain its benefits easily.
  4. wood pressed sesame oil is a great choice to have a body massage, especially if you want to enjoy its benefits on the exterior part of the human body.


Now that we have listed the major benefits of sesame oil extracted through the wood pressing technique, you wouldn’t prefer anything else over it, and that's for sure. However, there are many different oil brands available on the market, which can truly make a choice difficult and a never-ending process.

So, you can easily try out the oil from Nayesha Oil Mills. The brand is known to produce the best quality wood pressed oils using no heat during the process. Plus, the sesame seeds from where the oil is extracted are of the highest quality, which is why the extracted wood pressed sesame oil from Nayesha has all the benefits.


Q. Is the wood pressed sesame oil locally available?

Yes, you can easily find wood pressed sesame oil at local shops without any hassle. But it would be best to rely on a brand that promises maximum health benefits with little to no side effects. So, you can easily look into the wood pressed sesame oil from Nayesha as it ensures to provide the best quality oil having all the benefits one can expect.

Q. Why should one use wood pressed sesame oil?

With so many benefits of wood pressed oil extracted from sesame seeds, it is a no-brainer to understand why the demand for the component has skyrocketed in recent times. For instance, sesame oil is the powerhouse of many important nutrients that will help boost the immune power and ensure your body can prevent infections with ease.

Q. Can a child consume wood pressed sesame oil?

Yes, a child can easily consume wood pressed sesame oil without any hassle. It is safe for kids, which is why you won’t have to worry about their health worsening since they eat something made from wood pressed sesame oil.

Q. How wood pressed sesame oil is extracted?

The wood pressed oil is extracted by crushing and grinding the sesame seeds in the mortar and pestle made from wood. It is ensured that no heat is applied during the extraction process as that will be more harmful to everyone consuming the ingredient.

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