A Complete Guide on Yellow Mustard Oil: Uses, Benefits, Health Tips and Price

yellow mustard oil uses, benefits, health tips and price

Yellow mustard oil from mustard seeds has been used for centuries in Asian countries like India and Bangladesh for cooking purposes. This mildly pungent oil has a unique flavour and aroma that adds a unique taste to foods. 

But this special oil is good for a lot more than just cooking! Yellow mustard oil has many great uses, from increasing your hunger to making hair healthy and relieving pain. 

So, if you are curious to know more about the benefits of Yellow Mustard oil, its many uses, useful health tips, and price, this blog is meant for you. Read out till the end to get complete insights. 

What is Yellow Mustard Oil?

Yellow mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds obtained from mustard plants. It has a distinct pungent smell and flavour. This oil varies from light yellow to dark brown in colour based on the extent it is filtered during production. Due to its high smoking point, it is widely used as a cooking medium in Indian cuisine.

Uses of Yellow Mustard Oil

Here are some of the popular uses of yellow mustard oil:

uses of yellow mustard oil

Benefits of Yellow Mustard Oil

Yellow mustard oil offers several health advantages when used in cooking or topical application. Some notable benefits of yellow mustard oil include:

  1. Good Source of MUFA: It contains over 60% monounsaturated fatty acids like erucic acid and oleic acid. These healthy fats help reduce bad cholesterol levels.
  2. Antibacterial Properties: Yellow mustard oil contains compounds like glucosinolates that have antibacterial effects against certain bacteria. This helps prevent minor wounds or cuts from infection.
  3. Boosts Appetite: The sharp flavour induces the secretion of gastric juices in the stomach, improving digestion. This may boost appetite.
  4. Hair Vitality: Regular gentle massage with yellow mustard oil may boost blood circulation in the scalp. This may promote hair vitality and growth.
  5. Pain Relief: When gently massaged onto the skin, it may relieve muscle aches and arthritis pain due to its heating effect.

Yellow Mustard Oil Health Tips

To reap maximum benefits from yellow mustard oil, consider these useful tips:

  • Always do a patch test before first-time topical use to rule out any allergic reactions. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
  • Use pure, good quality, cold-pressed oil instead of refined oil for cooking to retain all nutrients.
  • Always massage oil lightly and never apply it to wounds, burns, or broken skin, as it may irritate.
  • Mix with carrier oils like coconut or olive oil before massaging infants and young children. Perform a patch test, too.
  • Store the oil away from heat and sunlight in an airtight bottle to increase shelf life. Consume within six months of purchase.
  • Use only externally in pregnancy and lactation, and be very gentle. It is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor first.
  • Monitor weight periodically, as regular consumption may increase body fat percentage in some people.

Yellow Mustard Oil Price in India

The price of yellow mustard oil in India varies from brand to brand and the quantity you purchase. Some indicative pricing is given below that you can get with Nayesha Oil Mills:

  • 1-litre bottle - Rs 200
  • 2-litre bottle - Rs 400
  • 5-litre tin - Rs 1000

If you are thinking to buy yellow mustard oil online, Nayesha Oil Mills is here to provide you with high-quality oils. 


Yellow mustard oil is clearly more than just a flavour booster for Indian curries and meat dishes! From the various health benefits to its effectiveness as a hair and skin care product, this versatile oil pulls double duty in any home. Maintaining quality and safety is key, so be sure to store in cool and dark places, do patch tests before topical use, and limit dietary amounts. 

And if you are looking to buy yellow mustard oil online, visit our website. We have a wide range of healthy cold-pressed oils that can help you maintain healthy lives. Book your order today to know more.


Does yellow mustard oil raise body heat or cause acidity issues?

Yes, regular consumption of yellow mustard oil can temporarily raise body heat. Some people may experience acidity, heartburn, or nausea when taking it. Moderation is key.

Can I apply yellow mustard oil directly on my hair and skin?

It's best to first mix it with carriers like coconut oil before applying topically, as pure yellow mustard oil may be too strong or harsh otherwise. Do a patch test beforehand.

Is yellow mustard oil gluten-free and safe for people with wheat allergies?

Yes, pure yellow mustard oil contains no gluten. It is extracted from mustard seeds, so it is 100% safe for those with gluten intolerance or wheat allergies.

How long is the shelf life of this oil? Should it be refrigerated?

If appropriately stored away from sunlight in cool, dry places, yellow mustard oil lasts about 6 months. There is no need to refrigerate. Keep sealed when not in use.

Is yellow mustard oil used only for cooking, or does it have any other uses?

Apart from being a staple cooking oil in Asian cuisine, people have valued mustard oil for therapeutic massage, pain relief from joint conditions, as an antibacterial agent for wounds, hair care to reduce greying and hair fall, etc., from ancient times due to its dense nutrients and emollient quality. So, it has many uses beyond the kitchen.

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